DIY: Glass Bottles & Jars Into Flower Vases

By Ohoh blog

Reuse glass bottles and jars to make modern flower vases.

Pickle Jar Into Table Lamp

By Neokentin

In the olden days, Indians used to prepare pickles once in a year, to be used for the whole year. And they were stored in an open jar, covered with […]

Alcohol Burner From Aluminum Can & Glass Jar

By Waldemar Sha

The bottom of the aluminum can match perfectly to the top of a glass jar. I used a thread from old mop for a wick. Some rivets for wick outlet […]

Small Flower Pots Made From Upcycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Little flower or succulent pots found at Reclaim Design store, a store dedicated to products made from recycled materials. These indoor pots are mainly made from recycled wooden pallets (planks […]

How to Upcycle Old Jars into Pretty Jam-filled Gifts

By Neokentin

A step by step tutorial to upcycle old jars into a pretty handmade gift by filling them with jam and covering with pretty fabric covers.

Colourful Chalkboard Spice Jars

By Neokentin

Brighten up your spice cupboard and put your old jars to use with this colorful chalkboard craft project.

Diy: Paper Tube Jars

By Neokentin

Make jars out of paper tubes and scraps of cardboard. Step by step tutorial in English and Swedish.

Valentine’s Day Candle Jar

By Neokentin

Easy recycled candle jar for Valentine’s day.

Mason Jar Light Globe

By Neokentin

This light fixture was purchased at a Habitat Store with no globes. An easy fix was to glue mason jar lids to the fixture and screw on a mason jar. […]

Lantern Made ​​with Glass Jar

By Neokentin

To do this lantern, we used a glass jar of 200g with elongated cover. On the cover, glue up a way for small pies. Once dry, with a large drill, […]

Bike Wheel Candelabra

By Neokentin

Take one rusty bike wheel, a pile of jars and some fine wire and voila you got yourself a fabulous shed chic candleabra.

Upcycling Jars into Storage

By Neodim

Here is an easy and original way to upcyle any jar into a creative storage ! What you’ll need is simple : Glass jars with metal lids Old candlesticks Spray […]

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