Recycled Glass Jars Turned into Decoration

By trashycrafter

When I think of summer I think beach and beer… with all those the barbecuing and beach combing you are going to end up having a lot of sea shells […]

Mason Jars Transformed into Lights !

By Neodim

What a vintage idea ! and it’s even available in kits !

Hanging Planter Out Of Reused Jam Pots

By Neokentin

Reused glass jars turned into hanging planter for your indoor or terrace decoration.

Valentine’s Day Ideas from Recycled Materials


The most romantic in many commercial or another day during the year, the feast day of St. Valentine almost arrived. If you choose to belong to the first category, find […]

Jar Wall Planter

By Neodim

here is what you can do for less than 20$ ! ++ Notjustahousewife

Chinese Lantern

By Neokentin

Chinese lantern made from pen caps, and inverted large plastic jar ! And you, what are you ideas of pen caps reusing ? I’m sure that some of you are full […]

Diy: Repurposed Glass Jar

By Neodim

There are so many ways you can repurpose glass jars. You may already have some jars you plan to recycle. Or maybe you have some in your pantry or refrigerator […]

Jar Glass Etching

By Neokentin

Glass etching can be incredibly beautiful, but often it is done with a caustic chemical, which is not suitable for the user and the environment. This recycled jar was etched […]

Recycled Works By Marin Hood

By Neokentin

Marin Hood is a San Francisco Bay Area artist. Her work is mostly in embroidery but she completed a series of works using recycled bikes, bike wheels and jars. Her […]

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