The Most Stunning Land Art Installations Across the Globe

By Neokentin

Artists from around the world have showcased their unbeatable talent in the form of unique and amazing land art installations. Almost all of these works involve the use of natural […]

Driftwood Art in Hungary by Tamas Kanya

By tomtom69

Driftwood art from Budapest made by artist Tamas Kanya.

Disappearing Tree

By Neodim

I was amazed discovering the work done by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany. ++Street art utopia

Wood Pathway

By Neodim

Wood, paint. 95 feet. Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, Minnesota.

Handmade Stone Tree

By Neodim

Beautiful stone tree sculpture on a stone wall.

Diy : Fall Leaves Craft Ideas

By Neodim

Here are perfect inspirations for fall sundays.There isn’t a how-to, but with these pictures as inspiration, some paper, glue stick and Sharpie, you can start playing. ++kokokoKids ++via Curbly

Glass Beach – California

By Neodim

During the early 20th century residents of Fort Bragg, California chose to dispose of their waste by hurling it off the cliffs above a beach. No object was too toxic […]

Art of the Glanor

By Neokentin

This “insects” creation invites us into a marvellously disturbing imaginary realm where insects and plants seem to have been secretly communing forever. Which came first – the pinecone or the […]

Inner Forest

By Neodim

      Working in collaboration with the NordicAartists Centre at Dalsåsen, on the west coast of Norway, and the Norwegian ministry of culture, Mexican architect Iván Juárez from x-studio […]

L’arbre Aux Echelles / Ladders Tree

By Neodim

Ephemeral and poetic installation by François Mechain in the “Parc du Chateau” of Chaumont sur Loire. ++ François Mechain

3 Winter Sun Wheels

By Neodim

Richard Shilling makes sculptures from natural materials he gathers near to where each sculpture is made.  “In early spring 2009 I started a project to investigate the leaf colours of […]

Walter Mason Land Art

By Neodim

Germany-based artist Walter Mason has special skills to create imaginative pieces of land art. He then let nature do the erasing!

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