by Damien Louche-pelissier

Art of the Glanor

This “insects” creation invites us into a marvellously disturbing imaginary realm where insects and plants seem to have been secretly communing forever.

Which came first – the pinecone or the cockroach? What does the shape of this leaf or this branch remind you of ?

For years, I have been exploring the natural world, in city parks and by the seashore, gathering bits and pieces of all kinds for my work. I turn them into fantastic insects with which to fill my imaginary world. As different parts of plants become a thorax, an elytra or an antenna, an insect appears. All it needs now is the breath of life, a lifestyle and a social role.
I install these insects in a mysterious procession around a nest or cocoon, or in a museum-like display case. And so I become an entomologist of the imagination, an explorer of worlds yet to be discovered.

For me, this is an invitation to glimpse nature in a reinvented form, a fabulous opportunity to appreciate its wealth.



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