10 Things You Can Make From Reclaimed Wood Logs

By Neokentin

Across the globe, millions of tons of wood are thrown away every year. Do you realize how much good we can do for the environment if we reclaim wood logs […]

Volkswagen Campervan Log Burner

By adamp92

I made this campervan log burner for the garden from scrap metal, I have since made several for friends and family.

Dome Fairy Log Lamps

By Burçin Uçak

Dome fairy lamp is an up-cycle design with battery operated fairy led lights. Having lots of logs after a big garden cleaning, they have been transformed into a short table […]

The ‘waste Less’ Rockin Chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop

By Neokentin

The ‘Waste Less’ chair by Hungarian Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is a unique and modern chair made from the waste remaining of reclaimed oak timber logs after being processed to wood beams. The […]

Wooden Logs Desk Lamp

By Neokentin

A desk lamp made with wooden logs. Cut and drilled to pass the cable and then each log is fixed to another one with white glue. Una lampara de madera […]

Diy Tutorial: Amazing Darth Vader Fire Pit / Log Burner

By Neokentin

Several days ago, we shared the video below of this fantastic Darth Vader fire pit or log burner, and it went viral. We received a lot of comments and questions […]

Live Edge Gum Bench


Saved this piece of Live Edge Spalted Gum from the sawmill’s fire pit.

Beautiful Way of Reusing Old Wood Logs With Ceramics Into Stools

By Neokentin

Hi, my name is Laurie, I’m from Montreal, and I do upcycled art with the name La Luna créations. Sorry for my English, I’ll do my best to explain my […]

Diy: Wooden Log Mirror Decoration

By Neodim

A nice picture to show you how to use little wood log as a mirror decoration. What you’ll need: A piece of plywood: round, square…it’s up to you and the […]

Diy: Wood Log Nightstand

By yonolotiraria

A simple wood log used as a night table or nightstand with three foots. A very easy DIY project you can do at home :)

Burned Out Tree Trunk Stools by Kaspar Hamacher

By Neokentin

Inspired by nature and the elements, Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher makes stools from wooden logs by setting them on fire. Called ‘Ausgebrannt’, which means “burned out” in German, tree trunks […]

Diy: Hangers from Small Wood Logs

By Neokentin

We have already seen several examples of hangers made ​​from tree branches or small logs. This tutorial is based on the same concept but in a more simple and minimalist […]

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