Diy Tutorial: Amazing Darth Vader Fire Pit / Log Burner

Several days ago, we shared the video below of this fantastic Darth Vader fire pit or log burner, and it went viral. We received a lot of comments and questions on where to buy it or how to made it, and we have good news for you, we found the tutorial for this Darth Vader fire pit. The tutorial was created by user doddieszoomer at Instructables. You can access the tutorial here. You will find the main steps to make it below.

Table of Contents


Step 1: Find a gas bottle

You need to make this fire pit an empty gas bottle. You should carefully remove the tap and fill it with water to extract any leftover gas. Be very careful when working with a gas bottle as it could cause severe injury and even death.

Step 2: Draw your design

Now it’s the part where you should draw the Darth Vader head on your gas bottle.


Step 3: Details of the mask

You can use an old iron to do the details of the mask (back and front).


Step 4: Time to Mock it Up

You can use masking tape to hold all the elements in place. Mark where the hinge should go, drill and tap with a 4mm tap. Attach the hinge using 4x10mm screws. All the holes and details were done using a 4″ angle grinder with cutting discs and a 10mm drill bit. Drill some holes around the bottom of the gas bottle to help the air to circulate.


Step 5: Grind & Weld


Step 6: Paint it

This Darth Vader Fire Pit was painted with two coats of black spray paint (ultra-high temperature resistance).


More details on the process (complete tutorial): Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner. Also, don’t forget to build a fire pit ring in your garden as security advice, you can check this article that will show you how to build a fire pit ring.

You can also order one by contacting doddieszoomer.

And a selection of some nice Darth Vader Fire Pits made following this tutorial by doddieszoomer.

And if you want more amazing fire pit ideas, do not hesitate to see these 10 creative fire pit projects. And if you need some firewood, check out these tips on how to find & choose firewood.

Note: Tampering with LPG cylinders or converting them to any other use as shown here is highly dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. It is also unlawful and could result in companies taking legal action or, if appropriate, criminal prosecution. Branded cylinders are and always remain the property of the company. I now import empty cylinders from China which are branded with my company logo and have never been filled with LPG.


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