Upcycled Vinyl 7” Into Single Phone Stands

By FancyTat

Unique, handmade and quirky vinyl phone stand. Own a piece of fun upcycled functional art for your desk. A creative, eco-friendly, hands-free way to display and use your mobile phone! […]

150 Vinyl Records as Wall Decoration in My Toilet

By chris grolleman

I made this with 150 records in one day. The hardest part was the clean cutting in the corners.

Clocks Made from Upcycled Vinyl Records

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

I always get excited when a creative idea gives life to things that we tend to think as junk, or not have any use anymore and how we give them […]

We Love Rock and Roll

By Neokentin

Keeping Vinyl alive…….we use every part of a record album in our Art. We make bowls, bookends, clocks, earring holders, mirrors, coasters from the actual albums and with the album […]

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