by Geralyn Gray Gray

We Love Rock and Roll

Keeping Vinyl alive…….we use every part of a record album in our Art. We make bowls, bookends, clocks, earring holders, mirrors, coasters from the actual albums and with the album covers we use them to make scrapbooks, greeting card and to alter cigar boxes. My husband has made a tree and heart using records with lights………..check out more in my etsy shop on my blog.

We Love Rock and Roll 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
We Love Rock and Roll 2 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
We Love Rock and Roll 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas



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Never saw anything that ugly.

I am a record collector myself and stil enjoy things made of bad vinyl. Bowls, Clocks, Bookends – ok. But this simply makes no sense, looks crappy and kills probably too much vinyl, even if it was bad.

Paint it pink and put some glitter on – it won’t get worse.

Broti / Germany

Reply to  Schwarz-Brot

You’re a douche. I think it’s bad ass!

Geralyn Gray via Facebook
Geralyn Gray via Facebook

I took two days off from the computer………I was so happy to see this today!!!!!

Matt Pecson

Jimi Hendrix painted on recycled vinyl records.

Pernilla Johnsson

LOVE it!!!


What did you use as the base for the record tree? What are the records adhered to? This is a neat idea. My daughter does a lot of upcycling/recycling

Yvette Kwakman

Thelma, kijk deze dan!

Thelma Tetteroo
Reply to  Yvette Kwakman

Ook een leuk idee :D

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