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By VendeDora de Sombras

Vinyl is the best material ever :) I try to make everything is possible out of them and I thanks all the DJs giving me their old LP records !

Upcycled Gas Tank into Mask

By Neokentin

Painted and upcycled jerrycans into creative masks.

Mask & Puppets Made from Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

I am a mask maker/puppeteer based in Brooklyn NYC. I am teaching theater in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines this Spring, and learning more about artistic communities and traditional art […]

Elephant Mask

By Bill Thomson

Creative Elephant Wall Mask by Bill Thomson. Made from recycled metal garbage can lid, plastic golf tubes, plastic bottle caps and metal dryer hose.

African Mask

By Neokentin

My name is Patrice L Farmer aka Leasmom of All Things Recycled Art on Facebook. I recycled plastic, paper, metal and wood to make works of art and gifts.


By Neokentin

Taking a bit of alarm clock and cover the pot, a necklace and clip … car paint and adding a mesh from a bottle of Champagne … a large number […]

Paper Mache Dog Mask

By Neokentin

Dog mask made of recycled junk mail and receipts.

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