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Driftwood Pattern Decoration

By Neokentin

Love this picture of a nice driftwood mosaic/pattern by Kathy Killip, interesting idea for a wall decoration!

Christmas Cards Recycled into Mosaic Art

By jpario

I use discarded Christmas cards to make Christmas ornaments, and rather than throw away the scraps, I sort them by color and use them to make mosaics. I wanted this […]

Perfect Mosaic Scale

By Neokentin

A real scale made “Perfect”! Now everyone need not worry about numbers :)

Recycled Brushstrokes

By Neokentin

Mosaic like art created by cutting aluminum cans and nailing to a piece of wood.

Fine Art From Upcycled Junk Mail

By Neokentin

Sandhi Schimmel Gold has been creating amazing portraits by recycling/upcycling junk mail – since 2004!

Mosaic Box from Old Christmas Cards

By jpario

Everything was trash except the glue, old Christmas cards and an empty box. (There’s a brief tutorial on my blog if you are interested. ) This was a time-consuming project, […]

Flower Vase

By Neokentin

Original Flower Vase I made with my daughter Maya at home. Having a lot of glass pieces from my studio. Finally paint with acrylic colors. It is really useful and […]

Caps Recycled Art

By Neokentin

I found a lot of caps all around my kitchen … do you pay attention and how many things we have and throw it out ! With a lot of […]

66,000 – A Water Mosaïc with a Cause

By Neokentin

To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities […]

Chair Caprice

By Neokentin

“I like diverting this dishes steeped in history to make her resolutely contemporary” – Valérie David To discover the work of Valérie David, it is to penetrate into a world […]

Bottles Recycling Art

By Neokentin

I choose a nice way to have fun using my glass pieces of my stained glass art and bottles from my home…Recycling is a way of life! and I take […]

Seaglass Art

By Neokentin

I am an artist from the acadian coast in Canada. I make portrait with genuine seaglass. I recycle pieces of old broken bottles, glass, dish that I find on the […]

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