Computer Bugs

By smashupstudio

We take recycled motherboards and turn them into Art!

Recycled Motherboard Into Clock With Dim Arc Light

By Richi

Motherboard Clock : created using old computer parts and accessories. One of the unique creation on the planet!

Recycled Computer Motherboard into Clock

By Neokentin

This clock is made from a recycled computer motherboard electronic card, wood frame, chain and rusty metals.

Alternative Canvas from Electronics

By Neokentin

Boriani 2.0 tells a story: that of a family tradition, painting, reworked with different materials and techniques, and that of a second life of objects otherwise destined for landfill, a […]

Moboart: Interaction between Art and Technology

By Neokentin

Combining two loves: technology and art, moboART explores their interaction through design by employing the functional beauty of recycled Motherboard PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards).

Cyberwaste Jewelry

By Neokentin

My new collection “COMPUT’HER”: computer for HER”.This committed collection is meant to trigger a deep thinking about overconsumption and its waste. My first concern is to save materials and to […]

Cardboard Pcbox

By Neokentin

Old pc motherboard and components assembled in a cardboard box. No need of screws or something, just adapt it to your needs. Fully operational.

Computer Motherboard Art

By Neokentin

Altered motherboard (main board) colored with paint, inks, with different kind of objects added. Supplies: Motherboard, inks, sprays, molding paste and different, random objects from my stash – including buttons, strings, […]

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