by Claudia B

Cyberwaste Jewelry

My new collection “COMPUT’HER”: computer for HER”.This committed collection is meant to trigger a deep thinking about overconsumption and its waste.

My first concern is to save materials and to offer them a second chance, a second life, my second concern is to offer beauty!. The Comput’Her collection is born in 2011 from cyber-wastes. It has been presented at the iMuseum of Montreal (dedicated to the history of computers) for the Earth Day.

Each unique creation is made from keyboards, hammered hard disks, fans, motherboards. These creations are the symbols of Here and Now, a taken picture, a footprint of our society based on the omnipresence of computers as a support to communication.
They are mirror-creations, meant to trigger thinking and questioning among customers.
They are warning signals, leading the path to the urgent need to consider that waste may sometimes be seen as raw material in an economical world in equilibrium with nature.




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