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Snow Tracks from Vw Van

By Neodim

Description: – Super stylish slope device (old VW Bus T1) – DJ bus with fully automatic pop-top – Sound system for outdoor public address – Ideal for Sound Events and […]

Upgraded Old Hifi Speakers

By Neodim

The fancy design of the past – upgraded, reconstructed and made for almost every output instrument (3,5mm detent with a fabric cable, for computer, smartphones, CD-player, etc.). For good. Well. Almost. […]

Recycled Musical Instruments

By Neokentin

Innovative green, ecological, art and fashion, real functionally and utilitarian recycled musical instruments (violins, guitars, pianos, cello, etc.). In original classic or prototype designs, shapes and appearance, made from used […]

Mobile Merchandising Stands from Upcycled Cabinets

By Neodim

Merchandising stands, designed for music festival Elastiek Muziek, The Netherlands. These up-cycled cabinets sourced from  second hand stores have been given a new life. Painted out and put on wheels […]

Suitcase Drumset

By Neokentin

Take an old suitcase and a kids size drum set and cut a hole in the suitcase to fit the bass drum. Cut the drums to fit inside each other […]

Vinyl Record Lp Chandelier

By Neokentin

StarDust chandeliers are made of old records and their still amazing covers. The arms of the chandelier are cut out of the vinyl record LP’s. The construction elements are made […]

Stately Stanley

By Neokentin

A human form figure made from recycled metals. 68 inches high 28 Inches wide.

Vintage Vinyl Journals

By Neokentin

Vintage Vinyl Journals are eco-friendly handcrafted writing journals made from upcycled albums. Vintage Vinyl Journals has rescued the forgotten vinyl record and lovingly crafted a one-of-a-kind blank writing notebook for […]

Honk Fest

By Neokentin

Honk Fest is a water feature made from upcycled musical instruments, brass collectables and plumbing parts.

Appetizer Set From Recycled Vinyls

By Neokentin

Recovery which has two advantages: to provide coasters (and a chips bowl …) and be rid of music tracks we don’t like anymore !

Vinyl Documents Folder

By Neokentin

Old vinyl, reused, and bought back to life as documents folders to be put on your desk. File away your letters, postcards and paperwork with upcycled style!

Red Stripe Beer Cans Used to Make Sound Sculpture

By Neokentin

Sound artist Yuri Suzuki took the idea of recycled art to new heights with this innovative sound sculpture made from thousands of Red Stripe Lager. The project, Red Stripe’s ‘Make Something […]

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