Slide Sculpture

By Neokentin

Sculpture made from recycled musical instrument parts.

Eco Drum Cymbals Bag Made with Recycled Material

By Neokentin

100% ecological soft case made with recycled materials by Crea-Re Handmade with upcycled truck tarps and banners, safety car belts and upholstered with soft ecological fur that optimizes the protection […]

Upcycled Truck Tarps & Banners Into Guitar Case

By Neokentin

100% soft ecological case made of recycled materials. Handmade with upcycled truck tarps and banners, car safety belts and upholstered with high-density foam and soft green fur that optimizes the […]

Vinyl Cube

By Neokentin

An amazing cube made with honeycomb cardboard, useful to keep and store our precious vinyls. Both sides are coated with old 45′ covers bringing our mind back to old tv […]

Recycled Sitar Guitar

By Neokentin

Electric instrument, made with pieces of an old shelf, bed slats, steel, guitar neck, guitar microphones, strings. 32 strings instrument, mix of a 6 strings electric guitar, a 6 strings […]

Recycled Wood and Pallets Wood

By Neokentin

Recycled hanger made with a table wood and pallets wood, painted and varnished for a vintage look.

From Music to Light, Recycling Cymbals

By Neokentin

Reuse of real cymbals, “from music to light“, in different sizes, from 15 cm to 60 cm, depending on your drummer friend !

Unique Hand-carved Upcycled Vinyl Record Art

By Neokentin

I create handmade Vinyl Record Art by hand-cutting designs out of vinyl records. I create each piece as a unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled art project.

Bed Slats Guitar

By Neokentin

Electric guitar, the body is made of bed slats, the neck is from a Stratocaster.

Creative Cd Guitar Shelf

By Neokentin

I took an old guitar that a friend gave to me. First, I removed the strings, frets, and other small parts. Then, I separated the front part and I emptied […]

Nintendo Nes Electric Guitar

By Neokentin

Don’t know what to do with your old NES ? Make an electric guitar ! ++ Via website !

Cello Planter

By Neodim

Old cello into planter!

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