I Harbour An Obsession With Junk

By jmz_art

Discarded metal is refashioned into a landscape painting. Joanne cuts, scratches, and augments found objects to enhance the narrative she already sees.

Solid Recycled Cardboard Animal Sculptures

By Neokentin

The constant growing awareness about our planet resources made me start experimenting with recycled materials. But I needed the sculptures to be as robust and lasting as metal sculptures. I developed sculptures by using cardboard boxes, and all sorts of leftover papers. I pick boxes in the streets to recycle. There is so much material thrown away by us. So much raw material taken from nature unworthy to us. My sculptures take around six months to complete.

Reclaimed Skateboards Art

By Neokentin

These are a small selection of my new series of reclaimed skateboards. It’s great to work with old decks knowing that they will now have a new life as art […]

Found in Nature: A Photogaphic Project by Barry Rosenthal

By Neokentin

Brooklyn based photographer Barry Rosenthal collects discarded objects found along the coastal areas of New York Harbor to create those impeccably organized compositions for his photo series “Found in Nature.” Barry […]

Recycled Cedar Panels Made into Beautiful Birdhouses!

By Neokentin

Hello, I am so excited I found this page and even more excited that you share other peoples creations. It means a lot for us little people ;) Our small […]

Tree Headboard

By Neokentin

Sleep feeling the Nature, Asturian Land in your Dreams A Warm awakening …

Smoking Peace Wood Art

By Neokentin

Smoking Peace is a serie of pictures maked with small wood sticks and painted with the colour of Nature!

Bottle Cap Star Fish

By Neokentin

The idea for this starfish came from the bright and vibrant bottle tops of Newcastle Brown Ale!

Another Idea to Reuse Vinyls !

By Neokentin

Le paysage n’existe pas, c’est à nous de le créer.” (Henri Cueco). Sillonner le territoire pour faire émerger des traces, marques et signes. Le land art me semble être le […]

Drum Set Made Out of Wood

By Neodim

Just a great idea found here


By Neokentin

For young and old…

Nature-inspired Wall Sculpture from Paper Towel Rolls

By Neokentin

Ferns, palm fronds, and the green hues of summertime all inspired this wall sculpture, created from paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

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