Easter Eggs and Nest

By Neokentin

This Easter nest has been created with wool and old newspapers. It’s easy and fast to make and allow you to reuse materials left over from other crafts.

Old School Phone Banquette

By Neokentin

We loved this phone banquette as soon as we saw it ! But a face-lift was imperative;-) Repainted in matt black, a tissue printed with old newspaper articles and Hup! […]

Gift Bag with a Newspaper

By Neokentin

Every-time that we have to make a gift we also have to buy gift-paper to wrap it. From now on, why don’t we use the old newspapers? Here is a […]

Newspaper Dress

By Neodim

not really wearable, but love the design !  

Icebubble Jewels: Jewelry Out of Plastic Bottles, Cartons & Old Newspapers

By Neokentin

Icebubble makes jewelry and accessories out of plastic bottles, drink cartons, old newspapers and magazines… unique, bubbly, handmade.


By Neokentin

My name is Grace Sottile and I live in Sicily, over Mount Etna. This mirror is made of recycled newspaper. It’s inspired by Walt Disney picture and Sicilian baroque architectures.

Trashion: Everyday to Obscure

By Neokentin

Reno, NV. Trashion Show. Designs by Veronica Coleman. Creations such as a wedding dress fashioned of over 2000 coffee filters (with bling created from an old flash bulb). Skirts made […]

Art Wall Made from Old Magazines

By Neokentin

This bicycle landscape art wall is made by NV EcoArt, using old magazines, junk mail, and cereal boxes. The entire composition, 60″ x 42″, is made from thousands of pieces of […]

Magazine Collage

By Neokentin

My Name is Celia Chadwick, and I am an artist living in NYC. I create collages that are constructed entirely of magazine and/or newspaper. You can view more of Celia […]

Newspaper Collage

By Neokentin

“Newspaper Collage” – Mueble revestido en cartapesta con periódicos de varios países – 200 x 100 cm ++ Fabio De Menicis

Diy: Newspaper Baskets

By Al Ha veDa

Canadian Living magazine shows us how to make baskets from recycled newspapers, with cute results.

Handbags from Waste

By Al Ha veDa

Ecoist handbags are made with candy wrappers, bottle lables, pull tabs, barcodes, and newspapers. ++ www.ecoist.com + Al Ha veDa blog (Heb.)

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