Newspaper to Textile

By Al Ha veDa

Dutch designer, Greetje van Tiem, spins newspaper yarn to knit and weave. Here’s a YouTube Video by Vickie Howell to demonstrate the technique. You can spin newspaper, too, like this.

Diy : Newspaper Basket

By Neodim

All instructions here

Magazine into Envelops

By Ripe Green Ideas

Mass reusing of magazine pages : and packets of envelops to offer to family and friends over Christmas. ++ Ripe Green Ideas

Newspapers Bench and Stool

By Neodim

Series of furniture out of newspapers. The concept is to reuse the free newspapers we get in the street. Because of the large number of newspapers stacked, the whole structure […]

Newspaper Extendable Bench

By Neodim

++ Charles Kaisin

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