Concerto Grosso Nuovo Sculpture On A Cello

By Sbrewer

“I love vintage 60-150-year-old beautifully designed parts and objects, especially musical instruments or ancient mechanical objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to the science fiction eras inspire me.”

A concerto literally means, “little ensemble” in which musical material is passed between a small group of soloists and/or full symphony. The musical form was developed in the late seventh century. Nuovo (new) Concerto Grosso’s enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century inspiring composers Stravinsky, Bloch, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Villa-Lobos, Phillip Glass and many others.

Scrap Into Fly

By Waldemar Sha

There is a lot of different parts in this one. Wings are made of plexiglass pieces fastened together by stapler clips using a soldering iron. You just have to place […]

Upcycled Bike Gear Into Ornaments

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled bike gears have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. The posted photos show a conceptual design that the artisan and consumer can use as an […]

Industrial Lamp Made from Recycled Airplane Parts

By Neokentin

I have made this desk lamp from a old airplane parts. The bottom is made from an oxide bottle from an old ww2 spitfire. The middle part is from a […]

Bicycle Part Lamps by Ilmecca Produzioni

By Neokentin

Everything or almost came from used bike parts for these one piece lamps. Italian mad artisan Ilmecca gives them life.

Cambots: Robots from Camera Parts

By Neokentin

I make robot sculptures out of old digital camera parts.

Handmade Trophies From Recycled Car Parts

By Neokentin

Conceptualized and designed by DamnGeeky (an online technology magazine) team, these trophies are made out of recycled auto parts. These trophies were given to the winners of the “GameOut” – […]

Automotive Parts Into Furniture

By Neokentin

My work is greatly influenced by my background in mechanical engineering. I enjoy giving a “front seat” to the more minor aspects of these automobile parts, making sure every ounce […]

Custom Sculptures Made from Recycled Metal

By Neokentin

My elementary and middle school friend Tom Samui from Switzerland makes these custom sculptures out of recycled car and motorcycle parts. He’s looking to expand his customer base and he’s […]

Desk Lamp Made From Recycled Car Parts

By Neokentin

Made from a series of discarded auto parts, this lamp is most unique.

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