by Ronen Wasserman

Automotive Parts Into Furniture

My work is greatly influenced by my background in mechanical engineering. I enjoy giving a “front seat” to the more minor aspects of these automobile parts, making sure every ounce of potential is squeezed from each one. So many resources are invested in creating these parts – I’m convinced that they can be reused, instead of constantly finding new raw material to work with.

The way I see it, every scar, every deformation, only adds to the worldliness and wisdom that I try to infuse into each piece of furniture – the final product. I buy the raw materials at different junkyards, where already as I “meet” the piece for the first time, I can picture what the rusty, beat-up piece wants to become.

From there, the road to the final, unique product is a long one, sometimes taking months. Most of the effort is spent preserving elements from the part’s “previous life” – indentations, trademarks symbols and so on.

It is important to me that I put true, high-quality workmanship into the pieces I create and produce high end, functional pieces, with a sometimes comical twist.

Creating each piece sees the fascinating and exciting use of a myriad of techniques, including (but not limited to): cutting, welding, flattening, panel beating, gluing, drilling, lining, painting and protecting.

Through this process, I hope to give these parts a new lease on a long and respectable life.

Automotive Parts Into Furniture 1 • Mechanic & Friends

Automotive Parts Into Furniture 2 • Mechanic & Friends

Automotive Parts Into Furniture 3 • Mechanic & Friends


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