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Cover Face for Untagged Face :-)

By Neokentin

Tired of being taken photos of strangers? You do not want to know about going to the party of Mike? You do not have ideas for your avatar on social […]

Disposable Razors Tripod

By Neokentin

I made a tripod with disposable razors Gillette. It has a lot of stability it is articulated and it works!

Old Videotape Box

By Neodim

Old videotape box reused as a wall box, perfect to store the keys :)

Old TV Iphone Dock

By Neokentin

Old TV with digital picture frame, iPhone dock and amplifier.

Recycled Paper Rolls

By Neokentin

Roll papers nailed to an old piece of a wooden photograph frame. The base of the rolls is paper from a cereal box.

Recycled Skateboard Art

By Neokentin

One of a kind pieces created from recycled skateboard decks. Handcrafted using compressed decks. Made in Canada.

Night Lights with Vintage Cameras

By Neodim

Jayfish is converting a few old cameras from the 50’s & 60’s into nightlights. ++ Jayfish on FlickR

Poster From Old Windows

By Neokentin

Found some old windows some months ago while a walk through my area. I had them on my balcony since then. Unfortunately, one side got broken in this time. Now […]

Cybertrash Sculptor

By Neodim

Rémy Tassou creates amazing three-dimensional totems using a variety of materials hidden inside data-processing machines, electric and electronic articles. Tassou defines his sculptures by the concept of “cybertrash”. Unique pieces […]

Vynil Picture Frames

By Neokentin

Picture frames made ​​with 45 and 33 rpm vinyles.

Camera Lens Bracelet

By Neodim

There’s nothing worse that breaking something you love and having to throw it away. That’s why we love Craig Arnold’s vision of turning a broken camera lens into wearable and […]

Recycled Pictures Frame

By Neokentin

This recycled pictures frame is made from individual strips of cardboard wrapped by magazines. These colorful building strips are then stacked and joined together by acid free glue to make […]

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