by Kilian Lenz

Camera Strap Made out of an Old Car Safety Belt

Trendy Camera Strap, i.e. an innovative system for carrying your reflex cameras with you, this newly-designed strap uses car safety belts as primary material and thus provides and ultimate system for carrying a camera.

Using our trendy camera strap, the carrying of the camera has become a lot more convenient and comfortable. The camera is attached to the tripod thread, i.e. it is carried “head first”. The biggest advantage here is that you can grab the camera in no time and place it directly in front of your eye. Having taken some photos, just let the camera and the strap go. Both the camera and the strap will automatically resume their initial carrying position.

The strap is an entirely hand-made product. It is made of robust material and has got stylish design elements, for example, stitchings on the belt in the colour of your choice. This gives every belt a unique look.


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