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By Neokentin

Ping pong ball table and pendant lamps made by Ateliers Crea. Lampe en balles de ping pong réalisée par Ateliers Crea et lampe à poser conçus avec de vieilles balles […]

Mini Pong

By Neokentin

Mini Pong is simply a modified secondhand coffeetable.

Diy: Ping Pong Ball Lampshade

By Neodim

First, buy ping pong balls at the nearest dollar store, then spray balls in groups using a different color for each group (might be nice to do with an ombre […]

Ping Pong Balls Apartment

By Neokentin

Daniel Arsham’s apartment is a little space, made with a lot of time and a dash of creative inspiration to form this crazy decorative scheme inside of a modest compact condo […]

Diy: Ping Pong Ball Light Garland

By Neodim

All instructions here

Diy: Upcycled Ping-pong Ball Magnet

By Neodim

I made magnetic ping pong ball eyes in order to make instant faces in the interesting metal objects around me. It’s a very simple (and weird) project, but it can […]

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