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Serge Gainsbourg Portrait Made Of 23,000 Cigarette Filters

By Neodim

Serge Gainsbourg was one of the most inspiring French author and singer. He was also famous for smoking “Gitane” cigarettes. From that point, Jinks Kunst reproduced a giant portrait of […]

Portraits Made Out Of 11,000 Upcycled Pushpins

By Neokentin

Use ordinary pushpins in extraordinary amount (11000 per portrait) and voilà – Fantastic Art Work by Eric Daigh!

Dr House, Ryan Gosling (And More) Keyboard Portraits

By Neodim

++ WBK via Dudecraft and Designboom

Bottle Cap Lincoln

By Neokentin

18X24 portrait using 597 bottle caps !

Discard(Board) Portraits

By Neokentin

These portraits are made from cardboard on its way to the dumpster!

Repurposed Vinyl Turned into Portraits of Iconic Musicians

By Neokentin

Music is not disposable! Even the old records collecting dust at your local thrift store deserve some love. Artists Kaylee Carrington and Donny Phillips use reclaimed vinyl records to create […]

Invisible People

By Neokentin

According to current estimates, as many as twenty million children are displaced by armed conflicts or human rights violations around the world. I have a strong affinity for these traumatized […]

Digital Steve Jobs Portrait

By Neodim

We were in need of a few fans the other day for our smell dispenser prototypes. Collin kindly donated an old mac book pro to the cause and I meticulously […]

Marilyn Monroe Bottle Cap Portrait

By Neokentin

This mosaic portrait consists of over 1800 collected bottle caps and measures 48″ x 48″. The caps were collected from local bars, art stores and ebay. The caps are held […]

Le Peuple Bidon

By Neokentin

Here is some art with can from Belgium…

Muhammad Ali Portrait Made of 1300 Punching Bags

By Neodim

Artist Michael Kalish created this brilliant portrait of Muhammad Ali using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of steel cable, and 2,500 pounds of aluminum pipe. The entire installation of the […]

Hendrix Portrait with 5000 Guitar Picks

By Neodim

LEADING UK mosaic artist Ed Chapman has created a unique Jimi Hendrix mosaic out of  5000 guitar plectrums. It was auctioned last month at Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision […]

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