Paintings Made From Old Toys & Buttons

By Neokentin

Hilary is a painter, hoarder, goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys. Her medium of choice is junk drawers. It all started harmlessly enough when her youngest son broke toys […]

Portrait Made Out Of Reused Wine Corks

By Neokentin

I created this portrait with some collected wine corks and it took me over five hours to complete it. The hardest part was to find and choose the right colors […]

Bottle Cap Portraits

By dmvalle13

These are just a few examples of the portraits I have been made in the last few years with recycled beer bottle caps. It started out as a small project, […]

The Thought: Recycled Cans Portrait

By Evans Ngure

I love using beverage cans due to their bright versatility in colour and attractiveness. This portrait is done entirely from recycled beverage cans depicting Kenya founding father the late Mzee […]

Dog Portrait from Corrugated Cardboard by Ali Golzad

By Neokentin

A dog portrait made from corrugated cardboard by Iranian Artist Ali Golzad. Ali uses discarded cardboard to create eye catching pieces that are often inspired by well-known personalities, nature, and […]

Bottle Caps Portrait

By Neokentin

Chicago artist Mary Ellen Croteau collected recycled plastic bottle caps to tile, layer and juxtapose each cap in order to create a self-portrait mosaic titled “CLOSE“. An amazing work ! From […]

Creativity from Corks

By Neokentin

Art expresses itself in myriad ways and forms. Paintings, pottery, glass or marble statues, art is for everyone something else (fortunately). What one inspires and upsets, might be for another […]

Three-dimensional Recycled Collages

By Neokentin

Recycled printed-paper and cardboard are used as a raw material to create complex collages with a three-dimensional effect. The paper is manipulated and transformed, selected according to thickness, color, text, […]

Steve Jobs Portrait from E-waste

By Neokentin

Jason Mecier, a San Francisco based artist, has just unveiled this new portrait of Steve Jobs, composed entirely out of electronic waste. 20lbs of e-waste were used to creates this […]

Fine Art From Upcycled Junk Mail

By Neokentin

Sandhi Schimmel Gold has been creating amazing portraits by recycling/upcycling junk mail – since 2004!

Abstract Dog Portrait from Upcycled T-shirts

By Neokentin

These two portraits are made from pictures of my dogs. The photos are converted to 3 to 4 colors and then carefully cut from old t-shirt fabric and assembled.

Seaglass Art

By Neokentin

I am an artist from the acadian coast in Canada. I make portrait with genuine seaglass. I recycle pieces of old broken bottles, glass, dish that I find on the […]

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