Diy: Upcycled Frayed Denim Pouch

By Neokentin

Upcycled DIYs are always one of my favorites. Give a new life to your old jeans by making this frayed denim pouch.

Recycled Kid’s Craft: DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch

By Ananvita

My little niece, Jenny, never gets enough of stationery supplies. I pamper her with the best of coloring pencils, crayons, felt pens and the works! But at the same time, I hate clutter! I thought instead of buying another storage box for little Jenny’s endless stationery, why not make an easy DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch for her. Peppa Pig, like every other little child, is Jenny’s favorite Cartoon Character! A Cute Little Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch would be such a charming and creative craft to make and also it it would be something that Jenny would love to play with and use it too! It saves money and also gave me a chance to be a part of a creative process of making a cute DIY Recycled Kid’s Craft.

Pouch Made from Recycled Plastic Bags !

By Neokentin

Pouch made from recycled plastic bags.

Puffy Side Pocket Clutch

By Neokentin

This clutch bag is made from denim trousers and vintage table cloth. Tutorial available at sneezerville website.

Denim and Floral Wristlet

By Neokentin

Tutorial about how to make this cute little wristlet. Mine was made using an old pair of denim trousers and a vintage table cloth.

Milk Carton Coin Pouch

By Agy

An easy DIY involving a milk carton, paper, a button and an elastic.

Tape Measure Pouch Tutorial

By Neodim

I made this little zippered tape measure pouch to hold my super sharp scissors that I take to work for the Craft-at-Work challenge and though they might be a fun […]

Pouches Made of Cloth Labels

By Neokentin

These are one-of-a-kind pouches, I wouldn’t be able to make a second like this even if I wanted to. I make these purses with cloth labels that I save from […]

Rubber Boots As Bike Pouch

By Neokentin

Foot-bag made of rubber boots united to form a pouch.

Milk or Juice Packaging Pouch

By Clementine la mandarine

Must be pretty fun and easy to do ! ++ Bom Design

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