Driftwood Nautical Decor

By Reseacla

I live on the Mediterranean coast of Spain close to Barcelona. I create sculptures made of driftwood and other reclaimed materials found on Garraf beaches and coves. I never find […]

10 Things You Can Make From Reclaimed Wood Logs

By Neokentin

Across the globe, millions of tons of wood are thrown away every year. Do you realize how much good we can do for the environment if we reclaim wood logs […]

From Industrial Cart to Industrial Table

By stapletonwoodworks

I picked up this rusty old cart on trash day. I repurposed it and some salvaged heart pine timbers into a beautiful table.

“Dinner Table” for a Big Dog from Reclaimed Kid’s Bed

By Neokentin

We have a Landseer male, a big dog with needs for a stand for its food and water. The old table was in bad shape, so thought I could make a new one, […]

Reclaimed Slats Into Design Lamp

By Amoligno

Made from slats of a factory for brick . The brown color is from the kiln . Construction time approximately 3 hours.

Unlimited Creative Decor Using 4×4 Magnetic Reclaimed Wood

By Polpoul Poul

Easy to change. Create your own decoration with this modular tile of reclaimed wood.

Diy Christmas Tree From Old Branches

By Neodim

If you have a small garden, you necessarily have old birch or maple branches that hang. One of my friends on Facebook, Alais, has gold in her hands and just […]

Painting On Reclaimed & Recycled Things

By Neokentin

I am always pleasantly surprised by how many of my friends give me odd things to paint on. Some of my favourite pieces of work are the ones on recycled […]

Reclaimed Wood Into Original Puzzle Coaster

By Neokentin

Love this idea found at one of my favorite blog Funky Junk Interiors of recycling old wood into original coasters. Those one are made from reclaimed old fence wood, and […]

Reclaim Design Products

By Neodim

Handcrafted pots, planters and other beautiful things made from Reclaimed, Recycled, and Upcycled Materials. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tube Light Table

By Neokentin

An old table reclaimed from trash, some pieces from old and unused tubes and few lamps…here is the result…

Recycled Metal Jewelry

By Neodim

My name is Barbara Di Renzo. I’m an artist from Cambridge, ON, Canada and I create both artwork and jewelry from/incorporating recycled metal. These are photos of some jewelry pieces […]

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