by Tuomas Soikkeli

“Dinner Table” for a Big Dog from Reclaimed Kid’s Bed

We have a Landseer male, a big dog with needs for a stand for its food and water. The old table was in bad shape, so thought I could make a new one, easier to clean. Big dogs can make quite mess if they want. :)

As the main material, I used an old kids bed. I disassembled the bed with a mallet and then cut it into new pieces. To be easier to clean, I made the top part removable, and to avoid possible annoying clickety-clack noise, if the dog pokes the table, I placed rubber pads between the frame and top board. Hope you enjoy this idea.

"Dinner Table" for a Big Dog from Reclaimed Kid's Bed 1 • Recycled Furniture
"Dinner Table" for a Big Dog from Reclaimed Kid's Bed 3 • Recycled Furniture

Check out the video of the process:

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