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Something to Do Jewelry

By Neokentin

Jewelry made with recycled materials : paper, inner tube, plastic bottles, old t-shirt…

Plastic Bottle Bracelet

By Neokentin

How to make a Cheap, Fast & easy bracelet using a plastic bottle!

Footballs Bracelets

By Neokentin

Handspiel! Genehmigt is a small Company established in Hamburg 2010. We produce bracelets made out of old, used footballs. These Footballs were played in local clubs, were used as Match […]

Recycled Eco Jewelry - Water Bottle Bangle

By Neokentin

Made from 100% recycled material – the water bottle bangle is made from a recycled water bottle and recycled magazine ads!

Nespresso Bracelet

By Neokentin

Bracelets made ​​of flattened coffee capsules, available in many color configurations.

Recycled Cd Into Jewels

By Neokentin

I elaborate necklaces, earrings & bracelets with old CD’s and DVD. I use the technique of glass fusing, but for this, you’ll need an ordinary kitchen oven and you only […]

Upcycled Airmail Bracelet

By Neokentin

Handmade from recycled t-shirts in traditional airmail colors and branded with a laser cut walnut tag. Each bracelet comes wrapped in brown paper and twine. Available in Small and Large […]

Recycled Tin Bracelet

By Neokentin

DIY idea: tin bracelet with crystal beads.

Da Copertone Di Bici a ….cintura!

By Neokentin

Ribiciclo è un progetto mirato al riciclaggio e al riutilizzo dei copertoni e delle camere d’aria usati delle biciclette. Quando una camera d’aria o un copertone non è più utilizzabile […]

Retro Repurposed Bracelet

By Neokentin

I like to create jewellery that is different and which doesn’t conform to traditional notions of beauty. I use retro discarded items and refashion them into layered interesting jewellery pieces. […]

Inner Tube Jewelry

By Neokentin

This are Recycled Inner Tube Creations totally handmade in Italy.

Jewels Otra (On The Road Again)

By Neokentin

Jewelry made from bicycles inner tubes. Handmade in Montréal (Canada).

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