by Felix Heinricy

Footballs Bracelets

Handspiel! Genehmigt is a small Company established in Hamburg 2010. We produce bracelets made out of old, used footballs. These Footballs were played in local clubs, were used as Match balls, Training balls and some of them were even used by professional football players form the 1. League in Germany, as well as played at the World and European Championships. Due to the fact, that every action and game leaves marks and tracks on the ball, every Football has its own history and story and is therefore unique. With our high design standard, we give the played out Footballs a whole new use. Thereby, every bracelet is handmade and one of a kind.

However, for us, it is not all about the financials. When we sell twenty Handspiel! Bracelets we are donating one new Football, as well as Jerseys and sporting shoes to projects in Ghana. At the moment we are giving to the project called “The Street Academy” in Accra (Ghana).

You can find more information about our small project on our Homepage or on our Facebook page. (On this page you can also see some photos of our partnership with The Street Academy).




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