#recycled necklaces

Hi-tech Valentine Heart Computer Chip and Wafer Necklace

By Urban Raven

I handmade made this Hi-Tech valentine heart computer chip and wafer necklace as part of Valentine’s day inspired jewelry. The idea my art is to re-purpose one man garbage into […]

Necklace From Repurposed Materials

By Neokentin

These necklaces are made of eggshells, magazines and cardboard from cornflakes packages.I love doing nice things of garbage. Full tutorial at my blog.

Fabric Necklace With Long Fringe

By Paczula

Simple and elegant fabric necklace made from fabric scraps. I used two kinds of the striped jersey – I plaited one of them to form a base of the collar […]

Necklace Out Of Upcycled Denim

By Loisirette

This necklace is made with parts of the legs of an old jean, reusing also the belt loops. Finally, I added beads and an elastic clasp. Le collier est créé avec […]

Wwn3 by Day4art

By Neokentin

Long necklace made with found objects from several countries. Recycle!

Collier Dentelle Vintage / Vintage Lace Necklace

By Loisirette

Collier fait avec de la dentelle récupérée sur un jupon ancien. Je l’ai quadruplé pour lui donner du maintien puis je l’ai brodé de perles transparentes irisées au fil orange […]

Upcycled T-shirt to Necklace

By Craft and Fun

Turn an old T-shirt into a creative necklace.

Necklace of Recycled Newspaper & Cornflakes-box

By Helena Andreasson

I made this necklace of newspaper and cornflakes-box. Check my blog for instructions if you want to do one for yourself.

Chain Necklace Makeover with Jersey Yarn

By Neokentin

Give your chain necklace an updated look with something as simple as jersey yarn.

Recycled Council No Thru Road Sign Necklace

By Neokentin

Meekz Contemporary Jewellery designs handmade recycled contemporary jewellery and accessories using found, repurposed or recycled objects. This necklace is made from recycled aluminium from a No Thru Road Sign and […]

Keys Necklace

By Neokentin

Discarded keys from a key copy place are the focus of this statement necklace.

Recycled Glass Bottle Jewelry by Revetro

By Neokentin

The inspiration behind these Bombay Sapphire gin (and Coke) bottle charms materialized over the past year as we tried to find ways to repurpose an entire bottle without leaving any […]

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