Art Using Upcycled Nespresso Capsules

My passion for materials and conceptual art melted together in the collection “Throw Away Gold”. I use Nespresso capsules given to me by friends and anyone who cares. Each piece is unique and designed by me. The process is very time-consuming and requires patience, but I love it. The preparation of one individual capsule can take up to ONE hour. To my immense surprise, I am still discovering new shapes and forms…it is already five years since I have first used Nespresso capsules in my work.

What is next? Making a custom personalized jewellery piece, where the customer collects and chooses his/her capsules. That is Recyclart in its core :) If you are interested, please visit my website Noliashakti.






6 thoughts on “Art Using Upcycled Nespresso Capsules”

  1. This jewelry made with the capsules is indeed very beautiful, but is it sturdy? Does it hold up? Is it even for sale? I went to your website, and I am very confused. There are no prices given, and the site is very difficult to navigate. The last section has strange pictures of fissures, pipes, leaves, screws, etc., but no explanations whatsoever. Clicking on images does not give more information. Please enlighten us.

    1. Dear Donna, thank you for your comment. Yes indeed I am working on a new website. The necklaces are very sturdy and will not break. I treat each capsule with heat and than form it using a hammer, which makes the metal hard. The necklaces are for sale, each piece is always an unique item and a special design, therefore they are priced accordingly. I would be happy to give you a price upon a request. Please contact me on: no*********@gm***.com

  2. third gender or some people refer to it as androgynous, intersex, people who do not officially fall into man nor women category (very basic explanation) I use steel, to symbolise MALE and pearls to symbolise FEMALE. By joining these two opposing materials, the steel is melting into the pearls, I am achieving a seamless transition….androgynous symbioses. The chain, where the two materials meet, is not a steel/ pearl, male/female. I hope that explains it a bit

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