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Leather Menagerie For Louis Vuitton

By Neodim

Louis Vuitton asked British Artist Billie Achilleos to work on four animals made of Louis Vuitton leather goods. Billie masterfully transformed wallets, bags and belts into a menagerie of animals, […]

57 Edsel Station Wagon... Planterbox, Bench Seating & Bike Racks

By Neokentin

Repurposed… A neighborhood organization asked me to design and fabricate a “cornerstone” installation for a parking area the city was installing. The area is well known for its retro shops […]

Oversized Mirror Frame with Recycled Magazines

By Neokentin

Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project – one that I’ve been working on for weeks! Rolling… rolling… rolling… hundreds… and hundreds… of magazine pages. […]

She Was Found Fiddling with Compositions

By Neokentin

Ursula Roma has been making found object constructions for over 18 years and has assembled a wide array of objects in her studio which are waiting to be included in […]

Michigan License Plate Flag of the Usa

By Neokentin

Over 40 vintage Michigan license plates, dozens of hours, some sore hands and 300+ nails later, an American flag is created! This piece of art will be hanging in a […]

Button Flower Bouquet

By Neokentin

Recycle and repurpose your old buttons into a fabulously colorful bouquet of flowers.

Hubcap Flower Garden

By Neokentin

How many of you have driven past lost and abandoned hubcaps on the side of the road and thought to yourself, “I could do something with those!” Well…I thought that […]

Upholstery Patch Dress

By Neokentin

Utilising some Robert Allen upholstery samples, purchased from a recycle center for $1, a thrifted dress pattern, lining and a reclaimed zip, I’ve made a patchwork dress. I used leftover […]

Bowl Made Out Of Upcycled Wooden Curtain Rings

By Neokentin

I made this bowl using old and unused wooden curtain rings!

Bench of Thought

By Neodim

A sculpture and a piece of furniture at the same time, Bench of Thought has been carefully constructed using recovered books with wood as a structural reinforcement. Finished with a […]

Garden Fork Table

By Neokentin

I made this using a garden fork and sourced the wood for the table from the off cuts at a local timber yard. The fork doubles up as a folding […]

Suitcase Chairs

By Neodim

Rusty old suitcases take on a new life as comfy chairs. Many designs following the link ! Recyclart loves the work of Katie Thompson ! ++ Katie Thompson

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