by Jean Ferguson

Crochet Sculptured Plarn Chicken Shoulder Bag

I don’t use patterns as I prefer the work to be ‘original’…warts and all…and, frankly, I don’t have the patience for counting rows and stitches. Henny Poulet is OOAK…in more ways than one. She is made completely from upcycled items (except sewing thread)…including her eyelashes. Henny has been created from white plastic grocery bags, which I cut, join and spin on an Indian Head Spinner to make plarn, and a few odds and ends of coloured plastic bags, and the lining was made from a discarded satin blouse.

This chicken shoulder bag is not yet available on my etsy site as she is coming with me to a speaking engagement in early June. I never miss an opportunity to show my eco arts and spread the word that upcycling can be creative and fun, and benefits the environment we all share. Actually, I withhold most of my upcycling projects from online sales as I’m committed to other artisans (eco) in sharing booth space at some festivals (the most recent: Art Fusion Festival at Mel Lastman Square, North York, ON, Canada). If you want to see the two measley listing I have on etsy, find the link below. I have more of my upcycling art (or ‘artcycling’ as coined by artist friend Alfred Ng) on my Facebook Page, so feel free to drop in and take a look. Comments and likes are most welcome, of course ;-).

Where do I get my ‘waste’ materials for upcycling? Kijiji, friends and neighbours, happenstance meetings and conversations, my own stash…sometimes a few items from Goodwill or Sally Ann thrift shops.

Bonus! On Facebook Page: Exclusive Interview in Brief with Henrietta Poulet, by ‘Green Jean’ at Eco Chic Upcycling Arts



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