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Lamp "Fire & Water"

By gille monte ruici

Summer is propitious to outdoor seconds hands markets, and I often find IKEA items there. This time, I got 2 feet Sultan sofa and a pair of Kvart lamps. Since […]

Xc De Vitesse / Recycled Car Parts Robot

By L'atelier d'Orel

I used old objects recovered to create this robot speed controller. This is a unique piece. I like the reworking of old objects and bring them new life.

Bad Robots

By L'atelier d'Orel

I like the reworking of old objects and bring them new life. Here is a character created by Recycling of metal with an old canteen and what I had on […]

Tutorial: Make Your Own Reused Tin Robot Easily

By gille monte ruici

A lower cost, without special technical, without welding, you can do it! .You just have to recover two oyster forks. It will be armed. In this case, the door handles […]

Junc Art Robot Thing

By Waldemar Sha

He’s just a little metal postapocalyptic cute guy.


By Neokentin

Found object robot assemblage sculpture made from mostly vintage parts.

Each Robot is a veritable collection by itself. Constructed of all vintage pieces including tins, gauges, and other found objects, each piece is a one-of-a kind collectible bot. They are primarily put together with nuts and bolts.

Since most of the robot’s parts are vintage, each piece has a unique patina with wear, tear, scrapes, scratches, and dents that comes with items that are 50 to as much 75 years old.

The Little Cheamney Sweaper

By Igal

The hardest part was to find a proper part of the hat and the cleaning brush.

Récupobots / Tiny Recycled Robots

By Neokentin

Tiny robots made from recycled household items, I’ve made them during one weekend. Ce sont des petits robots que je me suis amusé a faire ce week-end.

Robot Maker From Found Objects

By gille monte ruici

Paris-based artist, Gille Monte Ruici creates robot sculptures using found objects. Each robot is unique, handmade and comes from recycled material. Metal tins are assembling and become creatures with a […]

The Lampster: Robot Lights From Upcycled Vehicle Lamps

By Neokentin

These cute tiny robot lamps are made by “The Lampster” from recycled or reused lamps from old vehicles such as tractors, cars, and motorbikes. The neck is made out of polished […]

Upcycled Robolamp

By Neodim

With some old stuff laying around in store (pipes, joints, wires…) and a little bit of shopping at the local hardware shops this is my final product. Thanks THE RETARDED […]

Deboted - Handmade Robots & Android Figures Made with Recycled Elements and Daily Use Objects.

By Neodim

deBOTed means devotion for Robots. deBOTed creates hand-made figures of robots made with recycled parts and materials, or daily use material, using manual assembly techniques that give each piece firmly […]

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