Brilliant Rock Painting Feat by Father & His Kid

By Neokentin

It is indeed a fabulous feat by Aaron Zenz and his kids. Working hard for a year, they have successfully painted more than 1,000 rocks and even strategically hid them […]

Bookshelf Sculptures


very boring and ordinary shelf-library can be easily transformed into modern sculpture using household items…The idea belongs to the talented designer James Hopkins. Further proof that with a little imagination, miracles […]

My Art On Rocks

By Melinda Gaspar

This are my hand painted rocks with acrylics. Each of my creation is unique and original. I love to paint on rocks.

Twisted Wire Tree From Recycled Ground Wire

By JWaligoraArt

Twisted Wire Tree in Concrete. This is a twisted wire tree from recycling electrical ground wire. The tree stands about three feet tall and is imbedded in a concrete base. […]

Driftwood and Stones Art by Tamas Kanya

By Neokentin

Driftwood and stones art: Scorpion, Ant, Snake…made by Hungarian Artist Tamas Kanya.

Diy: Rock Monster Magnets

By Neokentin

These colorful little monster magnets will brighten your kitchen appliances. Coast always has made an excellent DIY tutorial in 8 steps to show you how to make them yourself with all […]

Hard Rock Art

By Neokentin

Created in Barbados, this form of art uses thousands of scratches to applied ink on the stone to bring out realistic imagery.

Painted Owl Rocks

By Neodim

How cute!

Diy : Sock & Rock

By Neokentin

A rock with a sock stitched over it makes an interesting object for display – or to use as a paper weight. So easy to make – you only need […]

Diy: Felted Rocks

By Neodim

Design Sponge learns us how to make little felted rocks. Here’s what you’ll need: scissors wool roving a bowl of hot soapy water drying rack or towel For the “How-To-Do-It-Myself” […]

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