Bookshelf Sculptures

very boring and ordinary shelf-library can be easily transformed into modern sculpture using household items…The idea belongs to the talented designer James Hopkins.
Further proof that with a little imagination, miracles happen! It’s easy to give character and seemingly to indifferent objects and shows some variations that can be ideal for modern living rooms or teenager rooms, or rock music inspired decoration:

  1. Try to create a skull contour with objects curve like a guitar, a serving tray, a wine cellar. To add eyes, use round objects such as trays, clocks, mirrors… The nose could be made with two bottles of Champagne, while the mouth with champagne glasses!
  2. By using the same items as the previous library and adding cymbals from drums for the eyes and a sound system create a perfect library for musicians!
  3. Using carton packaging, creating the outline and the central issue here is mainly the books and not as objects.
  4. A more busy but beautiful version with clear outline and used envelopes, books and boxes as a key element completed with electric guitar, wine cellar, and decorative items such as clock, vase, rectangular mirror, reading lamp and globe!
  5. Here, the contours are created by a cut poster and a carton and enriched with sound and light system, and giving a silver bullet disco version!

There are many other ways to customize your bookshelf, as the use of different objects! Create with minimal cost your own unique sculpture library!




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