Easy Diy Harvesting Basket

By Michelle Leslie

Celebrate nature’s bounty and make an easy harvesting basket that’s just the right size and perfect for gathering, washing and carrying fresh, home grown veggies.

A Hanging Rope Shelf

By Ronja Lotte

You only need some old wood and rope for this trending rope shelf. I used an LEKSVIK board from IKEA for my boards.

I’m Not Like That Anymore

By Neokentin

I made this entirely from repurposed materials.

Ideas Of Decoration Made From Old Postcards

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Postcards have been pushed aside by modern means of communication but do not cease to exude a special nostalgic style… And there are many ideas to use them creatively into […]

Diy: How To Restore A Woven Stool With Rope

By Neodim

Do you have an old woven stool sitting around and not used anymore because of a cracked and brittle seat. Rachel from Smile And Wave blog has made a great tutorial […]

Drifwood & Harbour Wreckage

By paulherail

Sculptures made from driftwood, old ropes and re-used rusty parts from boats.

6 Ideas to Reuse Climbing Ropes

By Neodim

What do you do when your climbing rope reaches the end of its load-bearing lifetime? Here are several ideas that will inspire you! Several creations were found here on the […]

Diy : Random Light Lamp

By yonolotiraria

with some rope and a beach ball we make a lamp

Climbing Bracket Lamp

By Neokentin

Bracket lamp made with an upcycled climbing rope and and an old branch.

Climbing Ropes Into Lamps

By Neodim

The climbing lamp is a flexible light that can be shaped to your needs and mood. It is made of used climbing ropes that have been in action in various […]

Lighting Cat Tree

By Neokentin

Cat tree made from old lamp base covered with 444 meters of sizal rope in one piece. The base and the tablet are added for the feline comfort.

Skipping-rope with Leftover Yarn

By Neokentin

Made with leftover yarn! Use anything: too hard, too thin, not long enough to do something serious with… and crochet with 5 threads together. Easy!

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