A Hanging Rope Shelf

I think I’m starting to come down from my ultra-minimalistic home decor trip. A few months ago I was defending every empty spot in my apartment vigorously and now I am suddenly planning one project after another, to fill those white areas. Still very carefully and subtle but I am planning. First I built a hanging rope shelf. These shelves were totally popular in the 70´s and they definitely had a great revival in the last year!

You need four boards with the following measurements for your shelf: 7 cm X 80 cm. Since I still have a few IVAR shelves lying around, I sawed my smaller boards from a single IVAR board. After sawing the boards, I sanded them down slightly.In addition, you need 8 Meters of string or thin rope. You have to divide the rope into 4 X 2 Meter.



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