Vintage Suitcase Table Made From A Retro Suitcase And Legs Found In The Hard Rubbish

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

I found a retro suitcase and legs from a the hard rubbish to make a suitcase table. If you like it, please have a look on our page to see our […]

Royal Rubbish by Sign & Meme

By Neokentin

“Royal Rubbish” is a project that spun from the overwhelming awareness of the waste in which we drown. I attempt to transform the turds of our consumer civilisation into purposeful […]

Consumed: Found Material Installation

By Neokentin

Liz West, an artist based at Rogue Studios in Manchester, creates site-specific installations in response to interior spaces, using found objects and a painter’s sensibility of colour and light. Through […]

Rubbish Fish Art: Yodogawa Technique

By Neodim

Artists Hideaki Shibata and Kazuya Matsunaga came together in 2003 as Yodogawa Technique to create works from the rubbish and miscellaneous objects found along Osaka’s Yodogawa River. Working with discarded […]

Rubbish Chair

By Neokentin

Chair created using junk and found objects. ++ Other nice wood creations on Amy Hunting website !

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