by Liz West

Consumed: Found Material Installation

Liz West, an artist based at Rogue Studios in Manchester, creates site-specific installations in response to interior spaces, using found objects and a painter’s sensibility of colour and light. Through minimal yet effective means, West transforms the everyday and mundane into compelling sculptural forms. She indulges her compulsion to collect – sourcing things of all sizes, material and function from the modern world – in an exploration of how we classify objects according to taste, use, value and worth.

“Consumed” is West’s new commission for the Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield and her largest installation to date. Situated in an empty shop unit in the town’s Grosvenor Centre, West has created a sensory experience using hundreds of collected transparent objects which have been carefully positioned on light boxes and encased in Perspex boxes to form compacted colour masses. By presenting these objects as museum pieces, West’s recycled sculptures take on new identities in a theatrical light.



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