Exos: Recycled Sculpture

By ennovy

This sculpture was made with needles for felting, but I use this tool with several fibers recovered sweater, scarf … which are not normally used for this work. The base […]

Hand Knitting Tutorial: Upcycle Old Yarn Or Clothing Strips

By MalicesCraftland

I’ve learned this new technique, it’s very simple and fast I’ll show it to you in this video. Look how beautiful is the final effect!

Hand Knit Infinity Wrap Scarf Using Upcycled Fabrics

By MalicesCraftland

I just learned this technique and has opened up a new world :). I want to share it with you because it gives great satisfaction!

Old T-shirts Become A New Scarf

By jpario

What else is a frugal chica going to do when she wants her red coat to match her orange sunglasses? The scarf is made entirely out of old T-shirts. I […]

Recycle an Old Bag

By Neokentin

An illustrated step by step tutorial for making a tissue holder from an old bag. If you have a bag with you not see, that has become obsolete, it’s scratched, […]

Can Scarf Organizer Ii

By Neokentin

Another way to keep your scarves, hats and gloves organized without occupying too much space!

Gipsy Style Skirt Made from Folk Scarf

By Neokentin

I made this skirt from a vintage scarf which I bought second hand in Bulgaria. It can also be worn as a bandeau dress.

What If Scarf

By Neokentin

This is a “What If” Scarf so the story goes like this. What if I created my own scarf that was pretty, individual and quirky? What if my scarf was […]

Scarves Organiser

By Neokentin

A simple way to sort your gloves, scarves and hats this winter PLUS occupying less space, guaranteed! you can try it out !

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