Turn Trash Into Gorgeous Window Screens!

By PJ1Priestley

I live in a French style apartment. The landlords business is below me and I am living above him. I needed screens and I knew I could make them without having to bother the landlord. I used a hax-saw and a stapler, free wood from the trash can of the hardware store, cheap fabric mess from the fabric store. I also used a wood glue, 2 cans of glossy black spray paint per screen.

A Little House For Cats & Dogs

By Maria Fernanda

Modern and comfortable home for cats or even small dogs, made from a TV tube. The glass was removed; the back received white spray, the front and the back are […]


By L'atelier d'Orel

Transformation of a former screen more to the taste of the day in “Paralight”. Made with inner tubes and a former store wooden, painted and bulging black.  Next to a […]

Amsterdam Screen

By Neokentin

Made from re-purposed Ikea shelving.

White Vador !

By Neodim

Funny  way of seeing trash in the street ! Really ephemeral art by Sandrine Estrade Boulet. ++ Sandrine Estrade Boulet.

Obsolete Computer Installations

By Neodim

Sandy Smith started this body of work in January 2005 using a pile of broken and obsolete computer equipment she had salvaged from skips and offices. She set about making […]

Skull Art

By Neodim

This huge Skull Art made from different Computer Screens, Circuit Boards, Computer Keyboards and additional Tech items would be fun as a scarecrow against humans.

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