Turn Trash Into Gorgeous Window Screens!

I upcycled trash into four gorgeous Window Screens. I only had to buy the netting material, so the cost is about 5 dollars per screen! The screens are up, and they look classy.
Keeping the bugs out using free wood from the trash is great. Not having to ask the landlord for help is PRICELESS!

Look how easy it is to create stunning Window Screens with upcycled materials:

Make Window Screens from upcycled scraps and bits found in the trash!
Who would’ve thought that this pile of scraps and bits upcycled from a trash bin could become something so beautiful? Just check out the photos and find out how easy it is!
Look how easy it is to dress up a set of Window Screens by adding a few diagonal decorative pieces.
This crafter didn’t just make a simple square; she dressed it up with an attractive diagonal design. Simple, but gorgeous!
The only thing you may have to buy is the screening material for these Window Screens.
You only need a few simple tools, including a hammer, nails, a stapler, and a hand saw to create a set of screens like this.
Paint or stain your Window Screens so they'll last for years.
Most of the project’s decorative touches are stapled together. SIMPLE! Beautiful! Then add paint or stain to match your decor, and you’re going to have an excellent window dressing!
The decorative touches add a lot of beauty and class to the appearance of these Window Screens.
Look how well these decorative and functional screens work with the exterior!
Exterior view of all four windows with new Window Screens.
Exterior shot of my upcycled window screens.
These Window Screens allow air to flow!
Allow the air to flow with this upcycled idea!
The crafter of these Window Screens.
Just me. :D
Window Screens shouldn't make your room dark, and the interior view shows how nicely these screens function.
Interior view with the curtains drawn. The screens don’t block the light.


Here are more inventive DIY ideas for Dressing up your Windows!  Update your Windowsills with Pallets for a designer look!


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