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David Bowie Mosaic From Bottle Caps

By Neokentin

This is my bottle cap tribute to the greatest man who ever walked the earth. If you look closely you’ll notice some bottle caps have been signed. Among them are, all of the members of Living Color, Jennifer Batten, guitarist, David Lombardo of Slayer, and some of the enthusiastic cap contributors. This project was a hell of a journey and I’m excited to start my next!

Diy: Embroidery Floss Plastic Card Template

By Sandy Sinner

Create From a Movie House Loyalty Cup ( or any other Plastic Soda Cup ).

Soda Cans 1930’s Pick-up

By Opensources

The association Open Sources is transforming a 2012 truck into a 1930’s American pick-up. This project was done for the dance biennale of Lyon. A social and ethic project realized […]

Soda Chair

By Neodim

Old wooden boxes of soda converted into a creative chair ! ++ Sold here

Cans Caps Tie

By Neokentin

Tie made with upcycled cans caps!

Recycled Soda Pop Carton

By Neokentin

Soda pop carton recycled to make mini-album !

Recycled Tree

By Neodim

Made from recycled soda cans…a nice achievement ! ++ seen here

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