My Garden Pallet Projects

By Moonstar47

I love creating things for my garden using free stuff as I don’t have much money. So I started collecting wood pallets to build various furniture from them for my […]

Handy Crafts Bag Made From Upcycled Sofa’s Cover

By Neokentin

I made these bags using sofa’s cover because l wanted to recycle it and take care of my planet. It took me hours to complete it.

Upcycled Pallets Into Bed & Sofa


Wooden pallet is one of the raw materials that can be used to make a lot of DIYs and, most of them are country or rustic style. Today I will share […]

Pallet Chairs & Coffee Table

By Neokentin

My first project made from recycled wooden pallets, a bench, chairs and a coffee table!

Diy: Sofa-bed from Upcycled Pallets


A reader of Styleitchic asked for the construction of a sofa bed from recycled pallets and voila! After you have selected and gathered the pallets and tools necessary to build […]

Upcycled Chest and Inner Tubes into a Vintage Sofa

By Neokentin

A great idea with this old and vintage chest upcycled into a sofa with a cover made entirely of recycled bicycle inner tubes. 100% recycled! :)

Inner Tubes Salon

By Neokentin

Created by pumping air into recycled inner tubes given structure by a metal framework, the collection of furniture features a handful of chairs and lounges, a bench and a couple […]

Pallet Sofa For Kids

By Neokentin

This is a small sofa for the kids; it is made of 100% recycled pallets.

King Size Sofa Made out of Old Furnitures

By Neokentin

I had an old dressing, 2 mattresses, plenty of pallets and coffee bags… it became a king size couch, so comfortable!!

Diy : Pallet Sofa With Storage

By Neodim

Perfect tutorial from scraphacker that will show you how to make a sofa out of repurposed wooden pallets!

Handmade Pillows from Comforter, Table Cloth & Pants

By Neokentin

Green pillow was handmade from an old table cloth that was stained, so I saved the fabric that wasn’t & stuffed just covered my old pillows for a new life. […]

Phone Booth Lounger

By Neodim

Artists in London are transforming replicas of the iconic British telephone box into different art objects, like this awesome sofa . ++ Inhabitat

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