Upcycled Pallets Into Bed & Sofa

Wooden pallet is one of the raw materials that can be used to make many DIYs and, most of them are country or rustic style. Today I will share a post with a minimal style pallet bed (that could also be used as an outdoor daybed) or sofa made from discarded pallets.

It’s a structure that beginners can do since all you have to do is sand and paint the pallets, join them with the metal elements, or screws them together and apply them on them a layer. The variations are many, and it could fit any space. It’s a perfect idea for student homes or homes with modern décor.

Aside from the color option, you can choose whether to build a flatbed as in the first picture or a taller double pallet or even from 3 or 4 pallets except for height and create extra storage.



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Natasja Olinga

Das leuk, als lounge bank met boeken ruimte Emma Pik

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