Vintage Bluetooth Speakers – New Tunes, Old Soul

By Neokentin

Would you like to see Bluetooth speakers with all of the style and functionality, and none of the environmental impact?
Mixing 21st-century technology and mid-century design, we are producing bespoke speakers that are not only beautiful, they are likely the most environmentally friendly Bluetooth speakers in the world. From top to bottom we have worked to offer all of the benefits of a new Bluetooth speaker, without the environmental impact. Our speakers re-use the cases and speakers from unwanted vintage radios. We add a new circuit-board incorporating 8W amplifier and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, and provide a USB cable allowing the speaker to be powered by your existing phone charger or as a portable speaker with your own power bank.

Bluetooth Speaker from an Old Radio

By Neokentin

I just found this old Soviet transistor radio, and it was in not working condition, so I decided to convert it into something useful instead of throwing it out as an e-waste object. I searched a lot about the topic, and I tried to create a Bluetooth speaker from it.
I’d like to show you how I saved and gave a second life to this guy! Hope you like this idea and, you can upgrade and reuse your radio or anything else! If you have a radio and want to be converted, just let me know!

Saved and Refurbished Radios

By Semashke

As you may know, I am a nature person. I always recycle trash and try to save stuff from being thrown away. So, I came up with this idea of refurbishing stuff which is on it’s way to the landfill!

1930’s Suitcase Boombox

By Anthonysbeatsboombox

How many of you have an old suitcase covered in dust in your garage or that of your grandparents but, due to attachment you can’t part ways? And then there some of you who couldn’t wait to drop off that old suitcase at your local goodwill. Well, either way Anthony will find that old suitcase and turn it into a traveled piece of up cycled piece art that pairs as a new traveling companion and an instant party starter. He creates portable, rechargeable multi functional boomboxes from mainly suitcases but also trunks, tool chest and more. His creativity is inspired by his desire to bring back the old-school type of fun where people just dance and have fun anywhere. As a kid he discovered his talent out of the lack of being able to afford a store bought boombox. His natural ability excited people with the clear crisp sounds and creative way of taking something old and making it new.

Cat House from an Old Speaker

By Neokentin

After finding an old pair of speakers, I decided to make this unique cat house. By adding carpet inside and out, and a scratching post and bobble ball up top, […]

Shrine: A Torii Gate (Where the Spirits Are More Likely to Hear Your Prayers)

By Benoit Maubrey

SHRINE opens at the Kobe Biennale on September 19th until Nov 23rd 2015 A public interactive sound sculpture that allows the spectators to express themselves and play music and messages […]

Magnetic Knife Storage from Recycled Speaker

By Neokentin

The old speaker is screwed into the wood and decorated in vintage style for the kitchen knife storage.

Diy: Speaker from Recycled Pringles Box / Altavoz Con Bote De Pringles

By yonolotiraria

A fast and easy project to have a speaker for your smartphone ! Rapido, barato y sencillo.

Upcycled Speaker as Key Holder

By Neokentin

I used the magnets from old speakers to hold my keys. Removing the soft parts is recommended when painting later on. A simple but very good idea! :)

Passive Speakers

By Neokentin

If you need a convenient way of sharing your music without draining your battery, try passive speakers !

Upgraded Old Hifi Speakers

By Neodim

The fancy design of the past – upgraded, reconstructed and made for almost every output instrument (3,5mm detent with a fabric cable, for computer, smartphones, CD-player, etc.). For good. Well. Almost. […]

Portable Stereobox

By Neokentin

I´m a Belgian photographer and graphic designer. I would like to share a collaborative community magazine we just started. It stands for social and environmental discovery by innovation, art, projects, […]

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