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Ladder Up: Storage for Your Kitchen

By Neodim

A beautiful old ladder reused as storage in the kitchen.

Shelves Made with Paint Bucket

By Ohoh blog

With the hope of keeping the game room in order, I made those shelf with paint buckets. It’s easy and economic to do, and it gives a place to store […]

Plastic Bottles Upcycled Into Storage Containers

By Neokentin

And the fun just keeps on comin’… When I came up with the idea of using plastic cold drink bottles for tea, coffee and sugar canisters, so many other ideas […]

Yellow Zebra Striped Magazine Storage Boxes

By Neokentin

I decide not too long ago to get rid of the orange in our living room. It was just too shocking a color and made the room look darker. And […]

Painted Wooden Crates

By Neodim

Wood crates aren’t a new storage idea, but I love this picture I found over at Gan Rugs.

High Function Coat Hooks

By Neokentin

After recently moving from Los Angeles to Vermont, we quickly discovered that a single jacket by the door was no longer enough. We both had several coats and vests in […]

Old Shoes Reused For Storing

By Neokentin

Old shoes on the wall? Old shoes washed, decorated, sewn together and hung on the wall can check for storing jewelry, coins… on everything you want, you are only limited […]

Old Boats Recycled Into Sheds

By Neokentin

These repurposed boat sheds are Located on Lindisfarne (Holy Island – England), the fishermen have a great way to recycle their old boats by turning them upside down and creating storage sheds that […]

Re-using Drawers

By Al Ha veDa

It seems that people today accumulate more stuff than 50 or 60 years ago. Maybe that is why storage is always such a big issue. These units re-use old drawers […]

Diy : Storage

By Neodim

Here is the only thing you’ll need (+ your imagination) to make this unique way of storing things ! via Sinfredo, idea from Curro Claret

Apple Crates Shelves

By Neodim

++ Recycled home at Baileys

Mail Storage Grates

By Neodim

A cool idea by using those old metal grates found in older homes and turning them into beautiful looking mail storage grates ! ++ Do It Yourself

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