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Easy Pallet Ideas For Your Garden Or Balcony

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Pallets are always an easy way to decorate your garden or balcony or terrace, needing minimum cost…but they can also be used as pallet planters for example. See some ideas […]

Repurpose Produce Containers

By Neokentin

When you buy your produce at the supermarket, you know many are already packed in these plastic containers, and for me, personally, they are annoying… more plastic to the trash, […]

Beehive Box Into Scarve Box

By Danna Moran

Boxes are always of a need. For toys, socks, shoes… for anything. My father is a Bee Keeper hence we have a lot of old beehive boxes which are not […]

Wooden Shipping Box Turned Into Storage Box

By Neodim

Take a wooden shipping crate (box) and turn it into a storage bin for your garden stuff, flower pots, tomato cages, garden hoses, garden pickets, etc…

Crates Used As Storage

By Ohoh blog

I upcycled fruits crates to create a storage unit. I first painted the crates, then, I make a frame using a plywood panel. The process was quite simple, and I […]

Magnetic Knife Storage from Recycled Speaker

By Neokentin

The old speaker is screwed into the wood and decorated in vintage style for the kitchen knife storage.

Basket Made from Recycled Denim

By Ohoh blog

An original way to recycle old denim pants into a nice storage basket. It’s quite simple to make even if it takes some time.

Shamrock Storage

By Neokentin

Old boxes and baskets covered in bits and pieces of scrap material, old wallpaper and paper twist leftovers. All of the scraps are green, most have shamrocks so that is […]


By Neokentin

ShopWreck Made this rack and storage out of a old bicycle rack (looks like a shopping cart in the wall) and found hooks of the shopping carts. The storage room […]

Mosaic Box from Old Christmas Cards

By jpario

Everything was trash except the glue, old Christmas cards and an empty box. (There’s a brief tutorial on my blog if you are interested. ) This was a time-consuming project, […]

Upcycling Jars into Storage

By Neodim

Here is an easy and original way to upcyle any jar into a creative storage ! What you’ll need is simple : Glass jars with metal lids Old candlesticks Spray […]

Pallets Used as Firewood Storage

By Neodim

Here is a really clever way to re-use pallets! It gives a contemporary look and finds great use. Now you have your easy DIY firewood storage project! The most important […]

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