The Best of Cross-stitched Street Art

By Neokentin

At the first instance, you might think that they are simple paintings on walls or fences. However, if you take a close look, you will soon be able to discover […]

3d Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces & Portraits

By Djhitch67

I am currently working on a portrait of someone from the 90’s pop industry bet you can’t guess who?

Marquetry-inspired Recycled Skateboard Art

By Neokentin

Using broken, used skateboards we turn them into one of a kind Art

Street Art Created with Recycled Materials By Artur Bordalo

By Neokentin

Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, is a Portuguese street Artist already well known in Portugal and now around the world for his interesting and amazing street art that incorporates […]

Happy New Year 2015 !

By Neodim

Hello dear readers, we hope you’ve been good in 2014, and that you are rested and ready for the new year 2015. Please do remember that “good resolutions are simply […]

Epic Event, Rad Trophies to Benefit a Great Cause

By Neokentin

The guys at Deckstool decided to do something a little different this year when it came time for their annual donation to SkateFest / Sk8 for a Cause in Fairfax, […]

Street Art Conversion with Pallets

By Neodim

Here is one of the best examples of social work done with recycled objects and materials. This kind of street art gives a complete new life to No Man’s Land. […]

Mural Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Neokentin

This mural was made for breast cancer awareness in Utila, a Honduran island in the Carribean. The logo of the breast cancer team is “Fight like a girl“. The first […]

Disappearing Tree

By Neodim

I was amazed discovering the work done by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany. ++Street art utopia

Paris Deco Off: Repurposed Lampshades In The Street

By Neodim

For the 5th consecutive year, Paris Deco Off will take place from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 January 2014.  Paris Déco Off will be present on both sides of the river […]

Tree of Caps

By Neokentin

For couple of year, we had facing our restaurant a tree, a beautiful tree, unfortunately around the tree was a massif whole, where cigarettes buts and cans where pilling up, […]

Urban Up-knitt-ling

By Neokentin

There is an abundance of things you can do with yarn leftovers. We decided to take them out into the streets! On march 2nd, 2013 we startet an urban knitting […]

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